Upcoming Show Highlights

July 17 BSP Lounge, Kingston, NY

July 20 Sirius Rising Festival, Sherman, NY

July 22-24 Motor City Steam Con, Detroit, MI

Aug 6 Woodstock Concerts on the Green, Woodstock, NY

Aug 26-28 Asylum Steampunk Festival, Lincoln, UK

All New! Buddha Batfrog Flags
7 Flags in the colors of the chakras
Art and Design by Scott Helland and Samantha Stephenson
Handmade with love by Samantha
Printed on 100% Cotton

Visit the Art page to order

All New! Flashdrives
Individual flashdrives for the CDs:
Bonjour Batfrog
Hey Hey Cabaret
Elephant Uproar
Happy Madness

The Frenchy and the Punk flashdrives have all CDs plus the Cartwheels EP Plus 3 BONUS Songs!
Go to the MUSIC page to order

Special Offers for Summer 2016

Get A Free 'Love Is Love' Patch
with any order of
$15 or more!
Enter 'Love Is Love'
in the notes/special
instructions at paypal

40% off on the
Baby Batfrog
Ladies' Tees!
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Page to order

Part of the Buddha Batfrog Flag Series

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Bohemian Bat Adoption Slideshow
Fingerpuppet Bats are handmade by Samantha (Frenchy) and available at live shows and sometimes on the website. Check the SHOP page for availability.
Custom orders welcomed.

Created with flickr slideshow

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